If you are looking to buy a 100% accurate and updated database of all the real estate agents in Singapore, this is it. 

Singapore Property Agent Database (SPAD) is Singapore’s largest verified property agent database provider. Our database is updated weekly with name, phone numbers, emails, company details and licence number. 

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Do you want more Sales? More Closing? More Money?

Reach out to over 30,000 property agents in Singapore with just one click.

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Sales is a number game. The more people you contact, the higher your chance of closing!

About Us

Singapore Property Agent Database (SPAD) is Singapore’s largest verified property agent database provider.

We are the trusted database provider enabling companies to gain direct access to qualified leads. We have over 9 years of experience to support various clients throughout Asia Pacific.

Reach more than 30,000 agents with just one click.

We give your business a distinct advantage by using our database technology to gather, store, and process information about Singapore real estate agents.

We provide you with the most sophisticated data including fields such as name, agency, agency license, CEA number, join date, registration duration, mobile numbers and email address.

    SPAD’s mission: Providing the highest quality leads for businesses and marketers

    There are enormous opportunities for business organizations to reach out to real estate agents whether it to sell your products or services.

    However, for YOU to reach out effectively, data reliability is a must. This is where SPAD comes as an enabler. We built SPAD to help you easily and flawlessly execute your marketing campaigns with valid and updated information to reach your prospects.

      Why SPAD?

      Our Updated database of qualified leads allows You to

      Sell your Products 

      Sell your Services 

      Look for Co-broke agents 


      Engage agents to market your properties 

      Look for Business Partners 

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      SPAD is used by

      Our Clients’ Success Stories

      BMW uses SPAD to quickly and accurately qualify potential customers


      PropNex uses SPAD to grow its network of recruitment customers


      Amway uses SPAD to reveal growth opportunities in new markets


      OCBC uses SPAD to grow their customer base and to retain existing customers


      Our Clients’ Success is Our Success

      Our clients’ business outcome is tied directly to our success. Thanks to SPAD, our clients are able to increase their stream of sales qualified prospects. They pursue more business in less time and save more money while increasing the number of deals closed. We have succeeded in making our clients more profitable. See how SPAD is helping clients to achieve:

      53% increase in Lead Volume

      40% increase in Sales Revenue

      46% increase in Customer Retention

      What Our Clients Say About Us

      We’re able to source dozens of key accounts with the help of SPAD. 

      AIG Asia Pacific Insurance

      Sales Director, AIG Asia Pacific Insurance

      “SPAD has allowed us to reach a large list of highly qualified customers easily and effectively “


      Executive Director, BMW

      Very updated email database.

      Orange Tee

      Sales Executive , Orange Tee

      It saves us time and provides us data and insights that are unparalleled. We’ve worked with other database providers, but the SPAD’s ease of use and quality of its data are just a few of its key advantages.” 


      Sales Manager, Amway

      “We’ve found SPAD to be the most accurate source of real estate agents’ data. ”


      Sales Director, AXA

      Perfect for recruitment and co-broking.


      Managing Director, PropNex

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