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Frequently Asked

How accurate is your data?

(Updated for Year 2023) Our database is highly reliable with 100% accuracy as we have a knowledgeable team of data engineers, specialists, analysts, and technology geeks who ensure the data you access is as accurate and complete as possible.

What sources do you use to collect the data?

We use a wide variety of authentic and trustworthy sources to collect our data. It includes subscriptions from online portals, surveys, new business filings, business directories, email campaigns, press releases, phone surveys, annual reports, business trade magazine subscriptions, and many other sources.

How often do you update your database?

SPAD’s dexterous team of data experts invests significant time and effort to update and verify our database weekly.

How quickly will I receive my list?

Once you’ve completed your payment, you’ll have the ability to download the database you’ve purchased instantly. You can also Whatsapp us directly for the database. We are a Singapore Based company.

What are the different file formats you support?

We support all the standard file and database formats such as OpenOffice formats, office (word, csv, excel) formats, SQL formats, and others.