Why Us

We help you generate the right kind of leads that are essential for your business

Ask Yourself These 5 Important Questions

Do you find prospecting to be the most difficult part of your business?

Do you find it hard to discover the best strategy to entice your target audience?

Does your marketing campaign need a more large and varied market of customers?

Do the leads that go through your sales process are extremely low quality?

Do you find it hard to get accurate data and valid contact information?

We found that many businesses, especially growing businesses face a range of sales challenges. Even the most high-performing sales teams STRUGGLE in building buyer relationships and successfully engaging with prospects and customers.

We crunched the numbers of some of the most influential studies around and found that, by going at as many sectors and sizes as we could find, only 15 percent of marketers claim they can generate leads for their company EFFECTIVELY and EFFICIENTLY.

The number fell to 10 percent to narrow down the data to those who could do this reliably. That means that most people read this, and most of your rivals are struggling, to always have a pipeline of possible goals that are a good match for their business.

So, if a customer shuts their doors or hits them with a downturn in the economy, somewhere between 85 percent and 90 percent of advertisers will not have a prospect instantly that they can turn to fill the void. In that phase, any moment of delay is the period when REVENUES DROP and SALES DECLINE.

Leads won’t just fall into your lap. You’ve got to take action for something to happen. Therefore, SPAD is here to provide you the HIGH-QUALITY and “HOT” LEADS, convert stragglers into sales, and TAKE YOUR SALES TO THE NEXT LEVEL.

Benefits of Using SPAD


Once you’ve completed your payment, you’ll have the ability to download the database you’ve purchased instantly.


SPAD database hosting providers have developed robust security controls and regularly test their defences to ensure they continue to provide a high level of security against the latest cyber threats.

High-quality data

SPAD focuses on quality over quantity. We help you focus your strategy on collecting the right types of data and maintaining high quality and updated datasets.